Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We know that waiting for your court or embassy date can be a frustrating time. We also know that one of the things that helps that time go by just a little bit faster is receiving pictures of your child from traveling families

There has been one problem with this though: families have gotten pictures of children that weren’t their own (and called IAN in a panic about the weight their child has gained/lost, the change in skin pigment etc.) and some traveling families have sent pictures with other children in them.

Because of these problems, families can no longer send pictures to other families. This will not cause a slow down- all we are asking is that traveling families send us their pictures first and that we confirm that the pictures are of the right child/ do not have additional children in the photo IAN will then send the pictures out to the corresponding families.

IAN families are no longer permitted to send pictures of children at either orphanage to one another. The pictures must come through us. All traveling families will sign a policy prior to travel. I know that this is a disappointing policy to many of you, but unfortunately we have to make sure that these problems do not continue.

Families who do not sign the agreement, or are unwilling to do so, will not be permitted to take pictures at any of the orphanages. The Ethiopia staff will be made aware prior to travel and the client will not be able to bring the camera to the orphanages with them.

We thank you for your understanding and patience with this.

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