Monday, June 29, 2009

Referral Acceptance

Number 2 on the baby boy list accepted a referral today! Everyone below #2 on the baby boy list moves up one spot. Congratulations!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Number one on the infant girl list has accepted a referral! The following wait list movement will take place:
Everyone below #1 on the infant girl list moves up one spot
Everyone below #3 on the sibling list moves up one spot


Monday, June 8, 2009


What a great way to start the week! We had THREE(!)referrals accepted today- for two baby girls and one baby boy! The following movement takes place:
Everyone below #2 on the baby girl wait list moves two spots
Everyone below #4 on the baby boy wait list moves four spots

Congratulations to all of those families! Please call the office if you need an update on where you stand on a list.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wait List Movement

A family has accepted a referral today for a beautiful girl. The following movement will take place:
Everyone below #4 on the infant boy list moves up one spot
Everyone below #1 on the sibling list moves up one spot
Everyone below #1 on the toddler girl list moves up one spot

IAN Care Home

We have received some feedback from parents disappointed that their children have been moved to the care home. IAN is required, as are all agencies who work in Ethiopia, to have a transition home. As mandated by the Ethiopian government, adoption agencies must take custody of the children after they have passed court. This takes the liability off of Ethiopian orphanages and onto the adoption agencies themselves.

We moved more than the few children who have passed court so that there would be more children there now, so that beds would open up at IAN and because we are confident the children we have moved will be passing court in the very near future. The nannies at the IAN transition home are coming from Sele Enat. It will have the same oversight and same management as Sele Enat. We are also excited to have the IAN office housed in the same building as our transition home.

I hope you understand that we are complying with Ethiopian law by bringing the children to the transition home, and that they are receiving the same quality care.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sending Items To Your Children

Due to recent confusion regarding what is acceptable to send your children, and when it is acceptable to send those things, we decided to remind you of IAN’s policies on this matter:

1. Do not send any items to a child before he or she has passed court!!! This is critically important, as the children are not aware of their new parents until after they’ve passed court. This is to avoid the heartbreak of disappointment in the unlikely event something were to go wrong in the process.

2. Please keep the gifts to the approved items: pictures of family, a small welcome book, small toys. Since the time between when you have passed court and the time that child is safely in your arms is a matter of weeks, no more than a few items are needed.

3. Please keep the other children in the orphanage and the care home in mind when you send gifts. Some of the children will not have been matched yet, others may have been matched with families who are unable to send anything, and still others will never be matched with a family. We do not want these children feeling left out or experiencing more pain, the simpler and less obvious the gifts are to our children the less we negatively affect the other children at the orphanage.

4. Please check with your coordinator before sending gifts with traveling families. It is wonderful families are so ready and willing to help one another out, but since the children are in the care of IAN and we are ultimately responsible for them, we need to be aware of what is being sent.

We are discouraged that we have to make this announcement, but we have seen many photos recently of children who have not passed court but who have photos, toys and other gifts from their families. We know that these items were never approved by IAN staff and, had we been consulted, would not have been approved – at least until court was passed. This is especially unfair to the families who are just as anxious to send things to their children but are following the rules instead.

Our policies come from 10 years of international adoption experience and exist for the well being of the children in the orphanages we work with- these children are always our priority and we know that you will continue to follow the policies that protect them.


2009 has already been an exciting year for everyone at IAN. Just to let you know what’s been going on, here is a look at the numbers:

-Fifteen children have come HOME!
-An additional ten children have passed court and will be coming home very soon.
-Thirteen more children will have court dates within the next month – for seven of these children it will be their first court date, for the other six it is their second court date. We currently have no families in need of a third court date.
-Four families have recently accepted referrals and are waiting on court dates.

And finally….IAN has now officially opened our own care home, which is currently home to about 20 children. All of the children at the care home are children under the age of two who have already been matched with their families. The older children will remain at Sele Enat for the time being, so they can continue attending classes. More information on the care home coming soon!

Below are some pictures that recent traveling families took of the transition home:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IAN Annual Family Picnic!

Colorado Families, mark your calendars for August 16, 2009! The IAN family picnic will be held from 12 pm –2 pm at deKoevand Park – right behind the IAN offices in Centennial. IAN will provide the food and drinks; you provide the fun and families! More details coming soon…..