Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wait List Movement

Congratulations to #2 on the baby girl wait list who accepted a referral today! Everyone below #2 moves up one spot!


Anonymous said...


Just curios - is it the baby girl list for Nepal or Ethiopia?

Christine (Denmark)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if that means that #1 on the baby girl Ethiopia list also got a referral?

International Adoption Net and Adoption Network of Colorado said...

We will never announce when referrals have been given, only when referrals have been accepted. It does not affect the wait list until a referral is accepted and we don't want to put any pressure on the familys deciding on a referral. Number One knows whether or not they have received a referral.

Also, the only wait list we have is for Ethiopia. Referrals given in Nepal would not affect our wait list.

Please contact your coordinator for a faster response to your questions!

Anonymous said...

Hi. #1 here. No, #1 did not get a referral yet, but hopefully SOON! :)