Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Exciting Announcement!!

IAN is thrilled to announce the start Ethiopian Culture Camp for adopted children!!

The first camp will be August 2-6, 2009.  Classes will be held here in Centennial, Colorado at the campus of  CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International).

Classes offered will include language, the arts (music and dance), and for the older children, cooking lessons.  All classes will be offered at a minimal cost. 

Please note that classes will be held the week before IAN's annual family picnic on August 8, so hopefully many of our out of town families will make a Colorado vacation out of it! 

Watch for details in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, please comment here or email with the following information: 

1.  Is Ethiopian Culture Camp something you might consider this summer?
2.  Are there other classes you would like to see offered? 

Thanks for your support! 


Daisy Dreams said...

This is a fantastic idea!! My girls attended Chinese culture camp last year and it was great. Hopefully this will become an annual event, as I'd like my family to be able to attend with my "future" child from ET!

Danni and Tommy said...

1. Yes! Very interested!
2. Language, music and dance sound perfect. I can't think of any other suggestions, but will think about it.

Wonderful idea.


Jen said...

Sounds great, but what ages is the camp appropriate for?

kristen said...

sounds like a blast!! Would all of our children be welcome to attend? That would be a great week!! looking forward to it!! Kristen

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

We won't have a referral by this summer so it is not in the cards for us this year. But I would definitely be interested in attending in the future.

And I would love it if CCAI's Chinese culture camp was immediately before or after IAN's Ethiopian culture camp so I could make a two week trip out of it. There are so many (or will be so many) families with children from both China and Ethiopia that you should consider holding the camps back to back.


International Adoption Net and Adoption Network of Colorado said...

Thanks to everyone for the response!

The camp will be aimed at children two years old and up, and siblings are more than welcome!

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

cool. We would consider it this summer if we would by chance get a referral soon and then be home a bit before August! :)

The dancing and music classes (popular songs/drumming?) sound great in addition to cooking classes. I'm also interested in ETH crafts and amharic. Time to discuss haircare, too. I'm always lookin' for new products to try for our son.

I would love to "have to" schedule a CO vacation this summmer!

Maureen said...

We won't be there this year, but we would DEFINITELY be interested. We are local, so that makes is easier but we were already investigating camps in LA and back East so this is a SUPERB bit of news!

Our Ethiopian Journey said...

Yes, I am very interested. I think Zoey would love this.

Shonda Donels

Heather said...

We don't have our referral yet, but would love to do this in the future!