Thursday, March 11, 2010

Questions and More Questions

With yesterday's news of the new travel requirement for court appointments, many of you are asking the same questions we are:

1.  What if the family does not pass court the first time?  Will they need to travel again?
2.  Will there be a change in the time between court approval and embassy appointment?
3.  Will both parents need to travel, or will one be enough?
4.  Will there be cases "grandfathered" in?  If so, what would the cut off be?

These seem to be the questions everyone has.  We don't currently have the answers, but bear with us as we work dilligently at finding them.  Please feel free to add other questions in the comments here, and we will continue to update. 


Heather said...

We were wondering if the first trip needs to be a certain length. I know one other country requires you to spend a certain amount of time with your child before you appear in court.

Restless in Denver said...

These questions cover what my husband and I are concerned about. We are in shock but we are as committed as ever to adopting two Ethiopian children.

Mary Margaret said...

(1) Is there any possibility that the court date and embassy appointments could be moved within two or three weeks of each other to allow for a single (but longer) trip?

(2) Why has there been a "dramatic increase of revocation cases" ??? . . . Is this for Ethiopia in general or does this include IAN adoptions?

The Little Family said...

Is there cause for concern that this change, as well as the recent US Embassy changes, are indicative of a greater problem with adoption from Ethiopia? I know my husband and are are fearful that this is a sign of the program becoming "closed down"

meg said...

How many weeks/months is the normal wait (after the referral) to go to court in Ethiopia

Amy said...

How much notice will be given before a court date?