Friday, October 22, 2010

Travel Updates!!

We are pleased to announced the brand new travel services now being offered by IAN's in country staff for families in Addis for their court appointment! 

IAN will now be providing transportation to scheduled visits to the Care Center and Orphanages, along with visits to local sights of interest while families are in town for their court appointments.  We ask families to plan their arrival for two days before their scheduled court appointment, and their departure for two days after.  The schedule for these five days will be filled with official business, visits with children, and fun group activities.  Your coordinator will provide you with an exact itinerary before you travel.  This schedule will apply only to court travel, as families traveling for embassy dates generally prefer to stay near their guest house and bond with their children. 

We will also be asking families to chose from four lodging options:  Hilton Hotel (court only), Yebsabi Guest House, Ethio Comfort Guest House, and Grace Guest House.  Please ask your coordinator for more information on these places.   You are welcome to stay in other guest houses or hotels, but you will be responsible to meet the group at one of IAN's recommended choices. 

It is our hope that not only will families enjoy their time in beautiful Ethiopia more with this new service, but also to reduce the strain on our in country staff by adhering to a schedule.  For this reason, we will be limiting services by IAN staff and visits with children to ONLY these five days, and visits with the children for the scheduled times.  Please understand that this allows our staff to focus on all of the work required to get these children home safely, and allows the children's schedules to stay consistent.   

These new services go into place for the November 22 court appointment.  Please feel free to contact your coordinator for more information. 


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