Friday, May 27, 2011

IAN Care Center Improvement Project - part one.

Dear IAN Families,

As we continue to strive towards improving the conditions at the Care Center, we have received the following update from Abebe after a recent meeting. The following are the rules that have been implemented.

"1. The babies room cleanliness will be given emphasis and the nannies assigned for the rooms will be accountable for any unsanitary condition observed. Everyday both Yared and I will do the supervision whenever we are in the compound, and we will take serious measures if any dirt or uncleanness observed.

2. Sister Alemaz is strictly informed she should give total attention for the health care of the children. She is free from any other activity like shopping and unnecessary jobs that can be covered by other staff.

3. Children’s hair should be kept clean by nannies respectively assigned for each room. The responsibility of setting schedule for children’s hair by the nannies is given for sister Alemaz.

4. It is totally forbidden to keep any waste material in the children room including dirty diapers.

5. No foodstuff of adults allowed at any of children’s room to avoid cockroaches and rodents.

6. Shortage of water was raised as a problem for cleanness. A barrel of water is to be kept in the baby’s room for bathrooms.

7. Such meeting as this would be held regularly every month and regular simple check in. Handling and how to clean the compound will be demonstrated for the nannies.

8. Shortage of plastic for diaper cover raised as a problem and local means should be sought as a solution. Plastic diaper cover available at the market or plastic sheets should improvise and prepared until we get from head office.  (From IAN US staff: Parents, keep note if you're looking to bring donations to the care center)

9. All rodent attracting food should be kept in a well-covered container.

10. At last we designed a means of competition among different room nannies to award as the best worker of the month for those who kept their environment cleaner.

With Regards


Stay tuned for more updates and pictures coming soon!!

~ IAN Staff

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