Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adoptive Family Mentor Program

Hello and Thank You to all the wonderful IAN families that have made it through the adoption process. IAN continually strives to improve its services and now wishes to implement a program that cannot function without your great support.
IAN wishes to begin an Adoptive Family Mentorship Program for families in any stage of the adoption program, from the first paperwork packet to post adoption reports. Many new families feel lost and anxious at the beginning of the process due to the overwhelming amount of paperwork and questions concerning the long road ahead. IAN works very hard to comfort and support these families, however, the ability to reach out to an experienced family would be a great comfort and reassurance. IAN would like experienced families (ready to travel or further down the adoption process) to volunteer to mentor or communicate with new families and be able to answer questions from the perspective of the family and not the agency.
This new program is completely voluntary and would be explained in detail to any family that wishes to volunteer for the program. If you are interested in supporting this new program Please contact Bill at bill@internationaladoptionnet.org.
Thank you for your support as WE continue to find “Forever Homes” for these wonderful children!

IAN Staff

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