Tuesday, June 19, 2012

IAN External Media Site Closures

Hello to all our wonderful families. IAN has asked for feedback concerning online media and communication with its families online and how IAN can better serve its families and the response has been overwhelmingly there are too many sites, groups, blogs, etc…

IAN values the input of its families and therefore will be shutting down some of its online media in an effort to make receiving updates and online posts of information easier for families to keep track of.

IAN will be closing the following:

1.      IAN will be closing the Yahoo group as it is the least used media site for families and requires extra steps in order to become part of the group.

2.      IAN will be closing the external blog resource page (currently at URL http://blog.ianfamily.org) as it is not being used currently. If there is an interest in external blogs links this can be added to the family section of the IAN main site or on the blog resource page presently located at http://adoptian.blogspot.com

IAN will keep the following resources open:

2.      The IAN blog located at http://adoptian.blogspot.com/  (This will inherit the URL http://blog.ianfamily.org once the page using it is closed.)

3.      The Twitter feed located at http://twitter.com/#!/IANfamilies

It is IAN’s sincere wish to better serve its families with online access to information and recent posts to follow current information concerning families and international adoption.

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