Friday, June 5, 2009

IAN Care Home

We have received some feedback from parents disappointed that their children have been moved to the care home. IAN is required, as are all agencies who work in Ethiopia, to have a transition home. As mandated by the Ethiopian government, adoption agencies must take custody of the children after they have passed court. This takes the liability off of Ethiopian orphanages and onto the adoption agencies themselves.

We moved more than the few children who have passed court so that there would be more children there now, so that beds would open up at IAN and because we are confident the children we have moved will be passing court in the very near future. The nannies at the IAN transition home are coming from Sele Enat. It will have the same oversight and same management as Sele Enat. We are also excited to have the IAN office housed in the same building as our transition home.

I hope you understand that we are complying with Ethiopian law by bringing the children to the transition home, and that they are receiving the same quality care.

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