Monday, November 22, 2010

Good News from Ethiopia!

IAN’s executive director, Joan Strauss returned last night from a very successful trip to Ethiopia, and we have several exciting announcements to make!!

IAN’s Care Center is on the move – again! We have found a beautiful, 16 room building with a courtyard for a very reasonable price. This will allow the IAN offices to be in the same building, and to have specially designated rooms for family meetings. We are looking forward to having the new Care Center open and operating at the beginning of the new year!

IAN has also developed working relationships with two additional orphanages! The first one, the Special Mission for Community Based Development (SMCBD) Orphanage,is in the Soddo Region of Ethiopia. The second one, the Shalom Orphanage, is in the Awasa region.  Shalom has already assigned several children to IAN for placement as soon as their paperwork is ready and approved. 

IAN will continue working with Sele Enat, Selam and possibly Yengeda Orphanages. Please be assured that IAN has fully verified the credibility of these new orphanages with MoWA.  Both are fully licensed and accredited and are in good standing.

We would like to thank all IAN families for your patience during this time of slow referrals. As you know, while IAN is committed to completing adoptions in the most ethical manner possible, we are also committed to finding homes for a few of the five million orphans still without care in Ethiopia.

Please come back here often for news on IAN's International Program Supervisor Liz Bogetveit's trip to Ethiopia (she's there now!), an update on the humanitarian work IAN has completed in Awasa, and of course, referral acceptances!!



The Rice Family said...

Oh how joyous! Hopefully referrals will be coming in!

connie said...

So happy to hear this great news! Yes, lets hope for more referals. :)