Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on Meeting Birth Families

Many of you are planning on meeting the birth family of your child when you travel. We think this is wonderful! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain perspective on your child’s history. IAN has always done everything in our power to facilitate these meetings, and we have always honored and respected birth families for the challenges they are facing and the sacrifices they are making for the sake of their children. In the past it was very common for birth parents to meet with and say goodbye to their children at the orphanage immediately after they testified at court.

With the new regulations, all adoptive families will be able to meet the birth family of their child shortly after court. Culturally, Ethiopian birth parents are expecting a meeting with the adoptive parents and the child or children. While we understand that this situation can be a very difficult and emotional experience, it is important to remember where the children came from. This is the only opportunity birth parents will have to say their final goodbyes to their children. We ask that all adoptive parents be as sensitive as possible and respect the wishes of their child’s birth family.

As always, your coordinator is available to address any concerns or questions you may have.

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