Friday, January 14, 2011


The Ethiopian government announced yesterday that beginning immediately all adoptive families will need to submit their I-171H approval letter with their dossier.  The impact of this will vary by where you are in the process.  This is our understanding of the requirements at this time:
1.  Families who have had a court appointment, whether they have passed or not, will not need to present their I-171H until their embassy appointment.

2.Families who are scheduled for a court appointment but have not yet attended court, will need to get their I-171H approval letter notarized and state certified as quickly as possible.  IAN will take care of having them authenticated at the federal level.  If this cannot be done before the court appointment, it could delay the court decision. 

3.Families who are currently on the wait list and have submitted their dossier will need to begin the process of having their I-171H approval letter notarized and state certified so IAN can have it authenticated at the federal level. 

4.All families who are currently in the process of assembling their dossier will need to provide a notarized and state certified copy of their I-171H approval with their dossier, which will then be authenticated with the dossier.  This will effect when families go on the wait list. IAN will release a policy statement on this early next week. 

There are still many unknowns.  We have made several urgent requests to Ethiopia for information, and hope to have information by Monday.  An email will go out to all IAN families on Monday with more answers and specifics.  We will hold an additional chat session Monday at 11am MST to address your questions. 

Thank you for your patience as we sort out this new information. 

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