Friday, January 21, 2011

Possible New Embassy Procedure

Hello IAN Families,

We have received information from the Embassy regarding Embassy procedures. This information was not posted as an Embassy Notice, but rather sent to IAN in an email. We want to keep families up to date on all procedures and want to make sure families are prepared for possible changes.

In the past, IAN has been given scheduled Embassy dates every other Wednesday. It was rare that IAN was given approval for a family to attend embassy outside of those scheduled dates. According to the email sent to us today, this may be changing.

The new embassy procedure:

1. IAN will submit the required documents as soon as they are complete (and can now do this every week).

2. The cases will go through screening at the embassy as usual.

3. The Embassy will inform the agency if they need additional documents.

4. When the case is cleared, the Embassy will email IAN stating the families are cleared and informing the agency by mail and will provide us a list of available slots for embassy interviews.

5. After speaking with the families, we will inform the embassy which date families will travel.

We are happy about these possible changes, as they will hopefully make the entire process easier on Embassy, families and our staff. We will have more time to submit the documents, and have more flexibility. We hope this will reduce the chance of having to bump families from their Embassy appointments, and increase the number of children we can bring home to their forever families every month.

We do not have confirmation when this will be in effect but we want you all to be aware of this possibility. If you have any questions, please contact your coordinator.

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