Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Addis View Guest House!!

We are so happy to announce that IAN has signed an agreement with Addis View Guest House/Hotel to provide lodging for all IAN families!

Beginning May 1, we will be requiring IAN families to stay at Addis View in order to provide the best possible transportation and service.  Until May 1, we strongly encourage families to stay at Addis View if possible, but we will still honor our transportation service to other approved guest houses.  If you do not wish to stay at Addis View, you will need to arrange your own transportation to the hotel as it will be the meeting point for all activities. 

IAN's travel coordinator will be making reservations on your behalf in order to get the best possible price.  You will need to let us know dates, how many rooms/beds, number of people and any other preferences within a week prior to departure. 

Payment can be made directly to Addis View. 

Please visit Addis View at for more information on their services and amenities.  Prices range from $65 - $85 per night, which includes breakfast and all taxes.   A driver is available for a very reasonable price for any activities outside official IAN events.


Renae said...

Looks beautiful!

Restless in Denver said...

I've been told the Addis View does not have a secure (walled) play area. If this is true, it's surprising to me that IAN would require all families to stay there if they want transportation. We are not allowed to go out and about with our children once we take custody of them, so a play area is essential.