Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Addis View Q&A

Two IAN boys enjoying Addis View before heading home!
 Many of you have expressed to us via phone call, emails and facebook posts your concerns about Addis View. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide answers.

1. Why is IAN limiting approved lodging to one place?

  • First, as a response to the frustrations we’ve all been experiencing with transportation. Our goal is to provide transportation to ALL families and avoid delays and long wait times. When families were spread all around the city, it became an impossible task that was overwhelming the staff and frustrating for families. The more time we can save driving around the city, the more time families will have to visit the children and Ethiopia!
  • Second, having all IAN families in one place will help families get to know each other during their stay.
  • Third, it helps with the communication between families and our in country staff. They can easily contact you with updates. Meetings with the in country staff and meetings for paperwork, information etc. will be much easier.
2. How did IAN Choose Addis View?

There were several factors that were important to us.
  • One, proximity to the court and embassy. As nice as it is to be close to the care center, it’s more important to be closer to the official buildings. It won’t matter much if you are stuck in famous Addis traffic and you’re late for a visit with your kiddo, however being late to court or embassy could have dire consequences!
  • Second, cost. We wanted someplace that would be in reach for all IAN families.
  • Third, attitude of the management toward adoptive families. Obviously we want an environment that is adoption supportive and friendly. The managers at Addis View have expressed their gratitude and love for adoptive families. There are comfortable spaces for children to play, including an indoor and outdoor space and comfortable indoor and outdoor dining areas.
  • Fourth, availability. Many guest houses already have a contract in place with other adoption service providers, and could not accommodate our request to have IAN families as priority.
  • Finally, comfort for everyone. There are some wonderful faith-based guest houses that many of our families enjoy. However, since IAN serves families of all religious backgrounds and beliefs, it would not be appropriate to ask families to stay somewhere that promotes a faith not of their own.
3.  I thought we had to stay at Guest Houses, isn't Addis View is a hotel?

While Addis View is named as a “hotel”, it functions like a guest house. 90% of their guests are adoptive parents. They are adoption friendly and this is the most important piece of the guest house only “rule”.

4.  Does Addis View have play areas/cribs/kitchen facilities/other things I will need for my child?

Yes! The rooms have a sink, fridge and cabinets included. They have nice play areas both indoors and outdoors. Cribs are available for free and extra beds for older children are available for $15 a day. Nannies can also be hired for a minimal cost. 

Did we miss anything you were wondering about?  Please let us know here!  Reviews of Addis View from the parents of the two handsome boys above will be coming soon!

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Shawn said...

I haven't been to Addis View, but I agree that it is a really good idea to have all families stay together in one place. Definitely willing to give Addis View a shot!