Thursday, June 2, 2011

An unexpectedly happy ending

This week one of our baby boys who was in the process of being adopted received the best possible gift.  Due to a change in circumstances, he was able to be reunited with his birth mother and will be raised by her.  Neither birth nor adoptive families had passed court. 

While this was a difficult time for the adoptive family, they showed unbelievable strength and faith in the news that there was one less orphan in Ethiopia needing a family.  While this is a highly unusual turn of events, and not something that should cause other adoptive parents concern, it does indeed show that the process in Ethiopia is working and healthy.

Today, the family accepted a referral for another baby boy, one who still needs a family.  Congratulations to all of you!!

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Jen said...

Love this. Congratulations to this little blessing, his amazing birth family, and the INCREDIBLE adoptive family. They are a testament to the superhuman strength of adoptive families everywhere. Congratulations on their referral!