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A Family's Review of the Guest House and Care Center

Hello IAN Families,

Below is a recent review of the Guest House and Care Center, completed by one of our families with previous experience with many different orphanages, in more than one country.  We have sent the recommendations listed to our staff in Ethiopia and expect we will see positive changes soon with these items.  We hope these thoughts will be helpful to you.

~ IAN Staff

Addis View Review
We loved the Addis View!  The rooms were clean and the food was good (and lots of variety—be sure to tell families to ask for a snack menu if they want sandwiches or burgers.)  The staff was very helpful and accommodating.  I also left my ipod touch out in the room and just ‘knew’ that it would be gone when I got back. I was very pleased that it was still there.  The manager was very nice and asked us each day how we were and if there was anything we needed.  And the cappuccino was wonderful J  A driver was always available and he was very professional and trustworthy.

Care Center
I wanted to write about our experiences, thoughts, and observations for the Care Center. I write this having experienced 6 different orphanages—2 in Guatemala and 4 in Ethiopia (all within the last 3 years).
Most of our time was spent in the baby room or outside in the play area. 

The baby room was clean. The floors were clean.  Everyone took their shoes off when coming in (including Abebe!)

While there we saw all the crib sheets changed and the shelves wiped down and a serious cleaning in the diaper changing area. 

When our baby’s diaper needed changed, a nanny pleasantly changed it and his clothes that had soaked.  During a blow out—he was changed and given a bath before being re-dressed.  He threw up one time and he was cleaned and the bumbo he was in was taken outside and thoroughly cleaned.

We saw babies that were attended to quickly when they cried. I saw them in bumbos, on the floor, in bouncy seats, having tummy time, in strollers—they are regularly changed to a different spot while we were there.  They were loved on by the nannies.  They enjoyed them and you could see that they were loved.  We enjoyed watching the nannies have their tea and bread with the older ones and dancing and singing with them.  All of the nannies seemed to know our baby’s name and spoke to him while we were holding him.

Our baby’s health was good and has grown and gained a lot of weight since being there. I was very happy with his care and could tell that he is loved.

The only thing that I wish could change was the bottle propping. (Understanding why they do it though-lots of babies) It would be nice if another nanny could be hired to help with feeding.  However—they do walk around and make sure the bottles are finished and hold the bottle for the babies to finish their formula.

Another thing that I think would be helpful would be to have outdoor time for the babies. One of the orphanages I was at in Ethiopia did this—seats/chairs/etc were taken out and the babies had some ‘sun’ time. (I think about 1/2hour)  This helps with vitamin D absorption and gives a change of scenery—even if it they rotate babies (one room each day.) I think this would especially be good for those older babies that are walking.  (of course, this would need to be while the older ones are inside)

Donation Need/Update

Abebe said this is a poor orphanage and can use everything--with formula and diapers being the most needed things for there.

Care Center Needs: (per Sister)
Diaper covers
Hand sanitizer
Baby wash
Bottle brushes
Petr. Jelly
Crib sheets
Bottles and nipples

My suggestions:
Crib toys (toys that attach to cribs) I saw some toys tied to cribs with strings.

The nannies are putting the bigger babies in the bouncy seats (because they love the toys attached to them) but they have to prop them up with the bumbos. These mats would give them a place to play and would easily be washed.

One thing that I liked is as I showed the stuff to Sister—she said “I have plenty of this, we’ll send it to Ajuuja” I think it’s good for families to know that things go where the greatest need is.

Sister wasn’t aware that the athlete’s foot antifungal was the same thing and could be used for the ‘head fungus’. I let her know that it was the same thing (per my pharmacist) and all the kids had it on their head in short time J

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