Monday, July 11, 2011

Updated Wait Time Estimates

A recent analysis of the current wait list times (time from when a family submits their completed dossier, to when they receive the referral for their child) was very encouraging!  The estimates as of July 2011 are:

Infant Girl (0-2 years):  13 months
Infant Boy (0-2 years):  12 months
Toddler Girl (2-4 years): 6 months
Toddler Boy (2-4 years): 4 1/2 months
Older children (5 and up): under two months.

Please bear in mind that these times are estimates.  We have no control over the timing of children in need of families.  However, if the trend continues over the next few months, we anticipate all wait times being under one year. 


Jodi said...

and 3 precious waiting boys - no wait!!! :) Love these boys!!!

Jen said...

Can someone email me the password for the waiting child site? Apparently, it changed!